Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shelby's Frozen 4th

We started planning Shelby's 4th party party in July... it's a good thing too because life got crazy, and I haven't done anything since then. I didn't even remember to send out the invitations. Ooops. #momfail  

Too bad since they turned out so cute!
But the party much go on. We invited the fam and had a great party. Shelby's favorite part was the balloons. Mine was THE CAKE! My aunt and cousin made it!! It was PERFECT. (which is good cause we're going to be eating it for weeks!)
I'm convinced there is nothing they can't do

William and I spent Friday night decorating.

And my mom and sister came over to help with the food on Saturday morning.

We also had Olf's nose (carrots sticks) Olaf's arm (pretzel sticks), Warm Hugs (Hershey hugs) and melted Olafs (vanilla ice cream cups.

I loved throwing this party for my girl. She had the best time!

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